Covid-19 Quick  Guide

poster will be updated as and when needed

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We have made lots of changes because of covid 19.

Willand will have 4 kids per class with teacher and helper on the poolside

Because our teachers are teaching from poolside. We are not allowing spectators, nor are we allowing changing room usage during our evening classes.


Children will be collected from the steps at the beginning of the session and brought back to the steps after the lesson by a teacher.


Children need to come swim ready, they will only be allowed to bring towel and shoes onto poolside.


After the lesson our staff will help them put shoes on and help with towels or robes if needed.


Please only arrive a max of 5mins before your lesson.


Please bare in mind we are trying to make sure all classes get full half hour in the water. Some weeks we may run slightly over or late with your child’s class.



Baby / Tots and pre school sessions


We are allowing you to use the changing rooms, but we do need you to come as swim ready as possible. And to make it as easy as possible to change after the lesson. So that we are clearing the changing rooms as promptly as we can. To make sure our schedule runs on time.


Were asking that you don’t use the changing rooms as a place to chat or feed babies.


If your baby needs a changing matt please bring your own, or maybe a spare towel. Were also asking that you take home with you your swim nappy’s


We have built into our timetable a 15-minute window between each session to enable use to get into the changing rooms and clean


Please only turn up a max of 5 mins before your session, if any earlier you may be turned away and asked to wait.