Our Classes

 You are welcome to join any week in a running term, subject to availability.

The double nappy system means a swim nappy (disposable or reusable) must be worn with a neoprene nappy over the top. This creates a double layer of protection, significantly reducing the risk of any leaks.

BABIES We welcome from 8 weeks old.


In these classes you'll enjoy magical one-to-one bonding time with your baby. You'll gain confidence using safe holds and learn techniques for floating and moving your baby in the pool.


Babies neuro-muscular and physical development is very important in early age and the water is a great place for them to grow and develop freedom of movement, without being restricted. 

Babies love to splash, wiggle and kick! 

We introduce sensory play and lots of other activities to develop our gross motor skills, fine motor skills, co-ordination and communication. 

We also teach babies early safety skills.


Your baby will have opportunities to go underwater if they want to, (but will NOT be made to) our baby swimmers tell us they are ready, through body language, positive cues and elective movements.​



With this age group we love discovery learning. We encourage this with fun skill based activities, and let your child lead the play and learning at their pace. Jumping in, gaining independence and developing propulsive movement through the water are favourites. We continue to improve safety skills; like moving along the edge and climbing out independently.

These classes are a perfect mix of fun learning that your child will know and love, and introducing skills that will lead to fully independent swimming.  Your child will gain confidence and increase their swimming skills using swimming aids and other fun toys and activities with support of a parent in the pool.  

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from 8 weeks

suitable from 4 years old 

Our B1 classes are the entry level to our learn to swim programme and marks the beginning of swimmers experience being in the water for the first time on their own (without a parent)


we run in small groups of 4 children per class, with teacher and helper teaching from the side of the pool. 

We build the fundamentals of swimming; floating, rotation, propulsive movement and breath control. These are essential to learning to swim.  

We then develop skills that lead to good front crawl and backstroke, as well as continuing to learn safety awareness and skills.

Learning should remain fun; we play as we learn... rather than having free time within lessons for playing.


All our levels work towards the STA swim scheme, each child will be assessed individually and will work towards there own badge and certificate level. you can view your child's progress via your parent portal