Terms & Conditions

Our service to you: 

  •  We provide swimming lessons using qualified swimming teachers either ASA or STA

  • Each lesson is 30 minutes session this includes time for teachers to complete registers and assessments sheets, whilst the teacher is completing these children will have full supervision by swim helpers and lifeguards. 

  •  Fully trained swimming teachers or Aquatic support helpers will work in and out of the water teaching the pupils to focus on achieving optimum results by helping support the body if required and aiding in correct stroke technique through demonstration and guidance.

  •  Students are assessed throughout the course using the STA standards for badges and certificates (badges and certificates are not compulsory) they are at an additional cost of £3.50 per award. Once your child has achieved a badge you will be notified via email, and asked to make payment if you choose too. (*Awards are ordered, nothing kept in stock)

  •  Rubber Ducks will endeavour to maintain a maximum class size of 6 children per class in the lower levels. (B1&B2) However we reserve the right to change the size and structure of swimming classes without notice.  

  • Swimming days and times are not guaranteed each term due to class restructuring term by term.


Parent/Guardian Responsibilities: 

  •  Parent/Guardian must ensure child arrives on time (5 minutes) before lesson start time (max of 5 mins wait time on poolside)

  •  Parent/Guardian must ensure child has been to the toilet to avoid distractions during our lesson

  • Parent/Guardian must not approach poolside unless asked to do so by a child's Teacher

  • Parent/Guardian must ensure all children are kept away from poolside until their teacher calls them forward for their lesson.

  • Parent/Guardian must not allow any child, including siblings to walk/play around the perimeter of the pool.

  • Parent/Guardian must not assist in the teaching of a child during a lesson. Unless for medical reasons.

  •  Parent/Guardian must ensure that swimmers are changed in the correct changing rooms provided, not poolside. (Any child over 8 must change in own sex changing rooms) * mums not permitted in boys changing rooms, same for dads in girls changing rooms.

  • Parent/Guardian must remain on the premises whilst their child is in lessons (in the event of an evacuation).


Payments of swimming fees: 

This section was updated in march 2020, due to COVID restrictions. we changed our booking system, to help with payments and lesson commitment.

* Everyone pays monthly (term time only) our booking system will charge monthly for the lessons that month.

* Payment will be taken on first of every month

* 1 months notice is required for any cancellation of lessons. 

* Any cancelled lessons will be added as credit to your account (WE DO NOT REFUND)

  •  All prices are subject to change without prior notice. All credit / debit card transactions are subject to validation checks and are authorised by the card issuer a transaction charge is also added for this method of payment. We accept most major debit & credit cards. Payment must be made by the re enrolment due date to ensure swimming places are secured. All places are secured by payment upfront.

  •  Payment commitment is monthly payments only (1st every month) term time only 

  • Payments can be made on your parent portal Via our website using  (stripe)

  • Any late payments will incur a £5 admin fee per child, it may also result in your child losing their space.


Refunds and Cancellations: 

  • Rubber Ducks Swim School does NOT offer refunds for absence through sickness or holiday.

  • If for any reason we have to cancel a lesson. A credit will be added to your account, and taken automatically off your next monthly payment.

  • For a longer closure due to pool issues/ maintenance or currently COVID RESTRICTIONS. payments will be put on hold. Any missed lessons will again be credited to your account. 

  • If you are asked to finish your block of lessons at another pool, due to closure and you cant make time slots/days offered unfortunately these lessons will be forfeited.

  • long term sick periods, where a child has broken a limb/ had grommets or illness that has prevented them from swimming payment can be put on hold until they return or if supported by a doctor’s note a refund can be arranged.

  • PLEASE keep in mind the pools we use are hired and don't belong in any terms to Rubber Ducks swim school therefore we have very little control over closures for school use or maintenance. although we advertise term dates as blocks they are not set in stone and may be subject to change.

  • A notice period of 4 weeks should be given if not re-enrolling to enable Rubber Ducks to maintain class structure and continuity.

  • Please Note Rubber Ducks cannot guarantee the day and time of your preferred choice, term by term we may need to merge and reorganise lessons to ensure class structure is kept throughout swim school. If your child is to MOVE UP groups, we may need to move your lesson day and time this will be advised by your child's teacher, who will also offer options for the next term allocated lessons will be offered on a first come first served basis.


Public Liability Insurance: 

  • Full Public Liability insurance is held by Rubber Ducks swim school Ltd, which covers all swimmers while attending their lessons. This does not extend further than the pool / changing rooms. Beyond this area any accidents that occur must be notified to the appropriate body and the matter taken up with them.


Child Protection: 

  • Parent/Guardian must ensure that swimmers are changed in the correct changing rooms provided. Changing on poolside is strictly prohibited. Children of 8yrs and above must change in the correct changing room according to their gender. Parents this will mean they may have to change without your assistance. As you may also only be in your own sex changing rooms.


Photography & Videoing 

  • Due to The Child Protection Act we cannot and do not allow any photography or filming in or around the swimming pools unless fully authorised by Rubber Ducks Swim School. We will make the necessary arrangements for a full signed agreement from parents concerned.

  • If anyone is found to be taking pictures or filming, we will ask for them to stop immediately and may ask for the photos/film to be destroyed.

  •  All parents are asked to sign a photo consent this is for swim school usage only. Photos with agreement could be used on our website or Facebook page leaflets and banners or any other promotional advert.